Drawing is a skill anyone can get better at. 

Don’t allow yourself to be frozen by perfection. 

It takes the practice of line work, perspective & shading to improve. 

What will you gain? Better imagination, better hand-eye coordination & better observation skills. 

New artists see great works of art everywhere, but what you don’t see are all the bad drawings and the hundreds of attempts that were not so great. 

Beginner's Drawing Class

Spring 2024 at Artaluma in Petaluma


“Wow, thank you for giving me some extra guidance and direction! I'm really enjoying the class, and learning a lot. I look forward to next week!” - Laura W.

“My daughter is so jazzed by the class and is loving sketching!! Thank you so much for your class. I love seeing her so inspired.” -Andrea

“I feel like I learned a ton in that first class - it’s really helpful!!! Thanks!”-Kathleen K.

Learn the building blocks of landscape composition, tonal value (shading), and perspective. 
Each week you'll learn parts of the Landscape composition: trees & flowers, rocks, hills & mountains, and water features. 
Basic pencil & shading skills are helpful but not necessary. 

4-weeks, classes two hours each

TIME: Wednesdays 10:30 - 12:30pm

DATES: July 17 - August 7

TUITION: $160  ($20 hr.)

MATERIALS FEE: Welcome to bring your own. If you need a sketchbook, $15, pencils, erasers, & blending tool, $5. $20 total. 


Class is at Artaluma, 145 Keller St. Petaluma, CA

                             Images from my variety of drawing classes such as:                                     Beginners Drawing 101, Landscapes, Anatomy, Book & Card Illustration, & Expressive Drawing

Expressive drawing class exercise using oil pastels and human faces as the subject.


Illusion for children's book.

Exercise in expressive drawing class using only markers.

Expressive drawing class exercise using pastels and human face as subject.

Drawing 101